Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Fling Questionaire

1.Coffee what is your favorite ? Whole Beans or Ground?
I would prefer whole beans, but really ground is also ok...

2. What kinds of coffee do you enjoy?
I prefer a milder blend. I love breakfast blends

3.If you were heading out to buy some coffee right now for your house, what would you be buying?
I would be stopping at our local roaster and getting something that they recommended in a mild flavor. They always have good suggestions..

4.Do you drink for caffiene, pleasure or both?
Both, I need the caffiene in the am, but I love coffee anytime!

5. Do you enjoy flavored coffees or add ins?
I enjoy some flavored coffees, but mostly I like flavored creamers and I put Equal or Splenda in my coffee. I like vanilla, caramel, creme broulee. I don't like fruity flavors.

6. A large, lovely mug or a small dainty tea cup
Oh a loverly mug please

7.Describe your perfect cup, not just the coffee, but how would you enjoy it?
I have to say that my morning coffee is my favorite.. I love to get up and sit outside on my swing with my coffee and either look out at the lake (If I am up there) or outside looking at my garden watching the birds and knitting.

8.Your sitting down at your local coffee shop with a cup of Joe and what treats would you pick to enjoy it with?
I love dunking cookies like shortbread or plain biscuit cookies... also would enjoy most things


1. Do you knit or crochet.
I only knit...

2.What are your favorite yarns to work with?
I love almost all yarns... Cascade 220, sock yarn, bulky... it just depends what I am getting ready to knit... I have never knitted with Malabrigo and that would be what I would like to try next.

3. What is on your needles right now?
A pair of cable beaded mittens in Dream in Color Classy Black Parade.. I need to finish these. I also have a pair of Herringbone socks in Clauda Paints, and lace scarf in baby aplapaca..

4.What are your favorite color in yarns and what would you never find in your stash?
I love buttercream yellow, sage, eggplant, rich jewel tones and also greens. Probably won't find bright pinks, purples or neon colors

5.What sort of needles to enjoy or do you have some you detest?
Can't say that I have any I detest. There are just certain ones for certain projects. Right now I am trying to add more 40" circulars to my collection as I am doing more and more Magic Loop.

6.Are there any sort of knitting notions that you do not need?
No really, I can use about anything, because I am always misplacing things.

7.You walk into a yarn store with just enough money for two skeins of yarn.. what do you buy?
I would probably get malabrigo because I haven't used it before, but if there is a really pretty sock yarn.. I would be in trouble...


1. Is it truly Spring where you are?
Not yet.. it's trying though..

2.Favorite Spring Flower?
I like Tulips and also hyacinths..

3.What do you look forward to in Springtime?
Sunshine, opening the windows, hanging out the laundry, flowers coming up.. opening up the lake cottage.

4.Gorgeous day tomorrow, sunny 65 degrees, how do you spend your day?
I open up the windows and wash the bedding and hang it outside to dry, start messing around in my garden, refill the bird feeders and sit on my swing and drink coffee and knit!!

5.The day after that is cooler and rainy. How does that affect your mood and what do you do?
I am glad I got done what I did on the nice day... Then I tackle my craft room which is a mess and get some order to my yarn.. then I knit with some coffee while I look out at my birdfeeders.

Odds and Ends

1.Do you collect anything besides yarn and notions?
I collect snowmen ( in fact they stay up all year in certain part of my house), nursey type items and mugs

2.Are you allergic to anything?

3. Do you have pets?
Yes, one house cat.

4. Is this your first swap and list last two
Not my first. My first was Sockapalooza. I just finished Longing for Spring and also did Winter wonderland coffee swap.

5.List three of your favorite blogs..and why ( this is kind of hard for me.. I am still a newbie blogger)
Shup up I'm counting.. she makes me laugh
Yarn Harlot.. she inspires me
Alabama Fibers.. Just like the blog...


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