Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's a free knitting day!!

that's what I call a cancelled day of school because of snow!! My radio went off at 5am and by 5:20 our school system was cancelled. I turned off the radio and rolled over and went back to sleep. Now after a load of dishes and laundry ( just to relieve a little guilt that my husband had to work today),I am drinking some wonderful coffee from Ralph Schwartz and knitting on my cabled beaded hat. The pattern is from Cabin fever and I just love it. Should finish it today and get started on the mittens. I know, I know, but winter is almost over. I'll get what use out of them I can this year and wear next year... All of my children are home. Troy is 19, Elsa is 13, and Adam is 11. We gave up TV for Lent. guess what, they don't know what to do with themselves... I hear a lot of ruckus in the family room. I guess TV is the ultimate babysitter. I's so funny two people called to tell me that Martha Stewart was all about knitting on her show today.. I can't watch it!! I will have to help my childen with projects to fill up their time today. They always love those suggestions, you know the ones, clean your room, shovel the walkway, clean the bathroom? I think we may have to play some games this afternoon. Apples to Apples always goes over well. The best news? I heard from my swap partner and she has me all bubbly inside. gotta love those swap partners that want to spoil you!! It's hard to believe that we making packages for Spring when I am sitting in a snow storm... Keep warm and keep knitting.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Swap and questionnaire

Wow, I just get one swap done and I sign up for another one. My friend Jan, AKA, Ralph Schwartz, told me about this Longing for Spring Swap, so I joined!!! Here are the answers to the swap questions:
1. Do you knit or crochet... I only knit and I LOVE it..

2. Favorite Yarns/Fibers.... I am addicted to sock yarns... I can't knit enough socks, that being said, I am open to trying new yarn and weights... Least Favorite; probably acrylic...

3. Favorite Colors.... butter cream yellow, rose, sage, eggplant... Least Favorite? probably neons

4. Warm weather project I am looking forward to... My brother gave me some alpaca silk yarn for Christmas. I began a beautiful lacy scarf, but have put it down for other projects, I am looking forward to getting it done for Easter.

5.Favorite Scent? Lavender, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon. Least Favorite? Rose,

6. Favorite Flower? This is hard, I love flowers. I'd say gerber daisies are one of my favs.

7. Springtime hobbies/activities? Opening up the lake cottage. I LOVE that day!! Starting to open the windows and letting the fresh air in, and hanging sheets and blankets outside to dry.

8. Do you have a garden? Flowers or Veggies? I am flower garden person. I love to plant perrenials and watch them come up in the spring. I have a beautiful Honeysuckle bush that just smells so good. Love to plant pansies as soon as possible in my buckets out in the garden for annuals..

9. Favorite Sweets; It's always chocolate. I love the stuff..

10. Collect anything? I collect snowmen and nurse type items and candles

11. Allergies? Nada

12. Pets? yes I have one cat and she doesn't like my yarn at all. go figure

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My swap package came

And surprise, surprise. My swap partner is my very dear knitting buddy Jan... She spoiled me rotten and I loved every minute of it. I am only sorry that I don't know how to post pictures to my blog so that I could show you all the wonderfulness!! My buddy is the cutest teddy bear ever in white with pastel colors. I have to find out what yarn she knitted it with. It's just perfect. The yarn, Oh my, Claudia in buttercream yellow and pinks... just a beautiful combination. She even wound them for me so my 13 yo. daughter could get the night off.. by the way Elsa really appreciated that. Lots of cocoa, instant soup mixes that are almost too cute to open, a bracelet stitch counter, a notepad, my favorite Chocolate.. I think she 's been stalking me!! Gourmet marshmallows from De Brands, a instant cocoa spoon that you put in hot milk, chocolate covered caramel pretzels, a warmer to hot pans or coffee mugs on and it gives off a cinnamon aroma, a circular needle holder, coffee ( Hazelnut), a cute snow mug, Oh I have probably forgotten something. I am doing this from memory!! Everything was wrapped so cool.. are you jealous yet? You should be... thanks Jan, You are the best!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So Excited

I've heard from my cocoa swap partner and my package is in the mail!! How sweet is that? I learned out to make mitered squares in a class on Saturday at Knitting Today. We are using sock yarn and 31 cast on. This Saturday we are going to learn how to put it all together and make a blanket out of mitered squares. I am so excited. We are using left over sock yarn for the squares and I have an abundance of that!! Also go my sock yarn from Simply Sock Yarn Co. sock club. It's beautiful and wants to be knitted, but it's going to have to wait until my STR first sock club yarn gets knitted. Can I really knit this fast? I think I signed up for too many sock clubs, but I am sure enjoying the yarns. I also get artwalk sock club yarn and I have always been pleased with the beautiful yarn that I have been getting....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Beaucoup de Knitting

Sorry, don't know the French word for knitting... I have been really busy knitting lately. Don't know if it is the cold weather or some kind of knitting mojo!! I just finished a pair of socks for my girlfriend. They were her very belated Christmas present. They were done with the December Tofutsie yarn in Wildberry. I did the Tidal Wave pattern. They turned out great. I finished one sock from my Valentine Sock kit from Wool Girl. Can I just say that I LOVE this yarn and pattern? The second sock is on the needles and will be done shortly. I am also almost done with a pair of socks for me in STR Carbon. Just a simple rib sock and I am on the second sock have about 1/3 left... I also started a pair of fingerless mittens for my 13 yo. The first one is done and she loves it. The second one is on the needles. I will finish this first, because she never asks for anything and asked that they be done before it gets warm out! LOL.. She knows me too well. I already have a project in the wings. My Rockin Sock Club yarn is just waiting. But I will not get it on the needles until these other projects are finished. I am taking a class on how to make a mitered blanket out of left over sock yarn.. Doesn't that sound yummy? I am so excited... My Cocoa swap package should be going out in the next day or two also...