Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Am I supposed to be this busy?

It's my youngest child's birthday today. He is 12.. this is his last year in elementary school.. I shall miss the Winter and Spring pageants, parties, and just having one teacher. He opened his presents last night because today was so busy.. He got a MP3 player and was very happy. We made chocolate chip cookies to take for his last treat at school. Tonight we have religious education and that takes up most of our night. We filled about 100 Easter eggs for my first graders so they could have an Easter Egg Hunt... I'll be glad when tonight is over!! I have not had much time for knitting... this saddens me.. I have so much to get done. However Spring break starts this weekend.. so hello knitting needles and projects.. I got my Socks that Rock club yarn/pattern. I really like it. I haven't done January's but I am going to go ahead and start on March's after I finish the pair I have on the needles now. I am in two swaps and need to start my Monkey socks for my Monkey swap.. just need to pick the perfect yarn for the socks!! Always such a dilemna because you want them to be perfect.. Had to frog almost an entire lace scarf I was knitting.. ugh.. that was hard. I was trying to finish it for Easter and found a missed stitch that led to a massive hole.. Yes, there were tears.. But I put it back on the needles and will start over because I really like the pattern.. So alt least I knitting goals

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