Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Opal's Fault really!!

I mean really.. who comes out with new Opal yarn in cotton with beautiful colors and expects a girl to get anything done? So one sock is done and the other one started. I have however promised myself that it will not be touched until my daughter's prayer shawl is done. Of course I can be that firm because I only have until May 2nd to get it done and it's really really close. I would say I am 1/3 of the way done and the best part is it is knitting up pretty quickly and I like how it is turning out!! The other Opal sock is going to be a present for my MIL and I want to have it done by Mother's day as it was promised to her on her birthday, December 28th. I am also getting her a pair of Crocs so I thought that would be a cool gift together. Then my monkey sock goes on the needles...

On the home front, my daughther had her 14th birthday yesterday... I told her her "birth" story like I do every year and this year she rolled her eyes at me and told me some of the story.. Hey I live through it, I oughta be able to talk about it. Confirmation next week and then maybe things will slow down just a little... Last day of school is June 2nd and is going to be here before you know it!! Happy knitting to all !!!!

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