Monday, April 21, 2008

Commit me!!

I have joined three sock clubs and also sign up regularly for Wool Girl's Charlie Brown and Hello Kitty sock kits... Don't even ask me how much sock yarn I have... But I have to say that Wool Girl is my favorite by far. Her personal touch makes all the difference and so enjoy her packages. That being said... I think next year I will only join one sock club and it will be Wool Girl!! I bought some Opal Cotton.. I love it. The design, the feel. It is so much softer than regular Opal. I can't put it down and I need to work on my daughter's prayer shawl. Just got a note that we are having a surprise baby shower for three staff here on Thursday. Don't see any knitted items coming there way in three days. Oh well. The weather has motivated the family to do some spring cleaning and yesterday was spent outside. Much raking and weeding and mulching and some flower planting was done. It's really to early for most flowers here in northeast Indiana, but pansies are pretty hardy and always are my first flowers. 32 bags of mulch was laid and I only did one. I actually spent most of the day inside doing laundry; dishes, and going through piles of "stuff" that just seems to collect at our house. My husband fixed my swing and I believe tonight I shall have to knit, drink wine and swing... Something I am much looking forward to. It's my daughter's birthday Thursday, She will be 14... I am so very proud of her and look forward to spoiling her... Hope it's warm and sunny wherever you are!!

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ANything else with that Merlot???