Thursday, November 29, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside

Wow, I was not ready for that cold artic breeze that greeted me this morning as I left for work. It was very cold!! Of course I was not wearing a coat, hat, scarf, or mittens.. surprise, surprise. I was however wearing a nice warm cardigan sweater that a dear friend knit for me. I love it. I wear it all the time. It's very comfy. It is nice to have a comfy sweater. I have my winter coffee swap package all filled and ready to go. I am going to try and hit the post office tomorrow at lunch time. Then I am done with swaps for a while. I am waiting for my coffee swap package and I hope I get it soon. I know things are moving much slower now with the holidays...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


In our Winter Coffee Swap we are to blog about what we are thankful for... I have really tried to make sure that I really look at what I am thankful for... First of all I am thankful for God giving me so many blessings in my life. It is easy to forget how blessed you are and focus on what you don't have or think you need. I have a wonderful Husband and we are getting ready to celebrate our 20th Anniversary on the 3rd of December. I have three healthy children. A warm house, plenty of food, health insurance, a job I love, and lots of yarn. Life is pretty good and I am pretty lucky!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am getting my Coffee Swap package ready

Well, I was late in sending my Monkey pal her package, but I will not be late in sending my Coffee Swap partner her goodies. I have most of it and just need to make a quick stop on the way home. Then I will package it up and send it on it's merry way hopefully tomorrow. IT was a busy weekend. I did lots of shopping and made my Christmas Cards on Saturday. On Friday night I made my Thanksgiving cards and they will be sent soon. My daughter and I wrapped some presents instead of trying to lug them around the house and find places to put things. I am working on two pairs of socks right now and dish cloths. I have so many Christmas presents I want to get done and so little time... I am trying to keep knitting in my car so even if I have 5 minutes down time, I can knit. I am also getting items together for the Winterwonderland swap. It is hard sometimes to keep everything organized and clear. I do enjoy doing it and sending the packages though. I had Monday off for Veteran's Day and worked on my house, it was a mess. Made a nice supper so that when the family came home they could smell the delicious supper and we had a nice meal. So today is back to work and trying to juggle four things at the same time. More later...

OH I am so bad 3

Oops, I kept hitting the enter button!! First of all I want to apologize the WONDERFUL Tricotine, who has been the Monkey Sock Swap Partner extrodinare.. What an amazing package she sent me. Still my favorite are my beautiful monkey socks in a beautiful fall color. They are Trekking with Bamboo. Needless to say they fit beautifully. I also loved all my goodies. I was totally spoiled. I got a cute monkey bag, which my 13 yo daughter is battling over with me. I also received organic coffee ( with a monkey on it) and a huge dark chocolate bar ( with a monkey on it) :-).. there were two patterns, Hedra and Flickr, beautiful berry colored Lorna Lace sock yarn, a monkey squeeze ball, some chocolate with marzapan, a cute monkey notebook and monkey pen, a great smelling candle, mulling spices... I might have forgotten something, but I hope not!! Thanks so much for my surprises and I am so sorry I forgot to blog about it.

Oh I am so bad 2

Oh I am so bad!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

For love of coffee

I was probably 13 or 14 when I started having the occasional cup of coffee with my mom. She drank coffee every morning with cream and sugar, which is how I learned to drink my coffee. At about age 16 I started drinking more often and now have a habit of coffee every morning and sometimes during the day also. I now drink it with flavored creamer and a packet of sweetner ( usually Splenda or Equal). I prefer the milder types of coffee such as Breakfast blends. We have a local roaster in town, so I am learning more about coffee and my preferences. Nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning.